My Christmas cookie collection

My Christmas cookie collection

Coming from the east of France, I’m always pretty excited when Christmas is around the corner! With all the Christmas markets to go to, have a glass of mulled wine here, a piece of gingerbread there, while enjoying the cities wearing their beautiful Christmas lights…

It’s a tradition to bake cookies during this time of year, we use a lot of spices, almond flour, triple our butter consumption… 😉 They are usually kept in metal tin container, each one with a different kind for a longer storage life.

I made four kinds of Christmas cookies this year, check the links out to find the recipes and tips for each of them!

Piped shortbread cookies

Piped shortbread cookies with glazed cherries

With their light crunch and buttery taste, you can decorate them with so many different ingredients, make them in various shapes, time to be creative and play around!

Chocolate pinwheel cookies

Chocolate pinwheel cookies

I love their fun look and their light chocolatey taste!

Vanilla Kipferl

Vanilla kipferl cookies

Shape as croissants, they are crumbly and made of almond.

Cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars cookies

Almond flour again in these cute cinnamon stars.

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